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Cyprus Spilies bar is located in Coral Bay, Pegeia, Paphos. Eating out to catch some local flavour is always the highlight of any holiday, but where do you go when faced with the plethora of Cypriot taverns in your area? Nestled in the fishing refuge of Ayios Georgios, 4.5 km north from the village of Pegeia in Paphos, Spilies Tavern Bar offers the best way for you to taste the true flavours of the island through its delicious dishes. And what better way to delve into Cypriot cuisine than ordering a traditional Cypriot meze. Spilies Tavern Bar is open all day for lunch and dinner, and offers a full bar and its own private swimming pool.

Only 1 kilometre from the ocean, Spilies offers a unique atmosphere, fusing the traditional values of Cypriot dining with the natural rocky landscape. One can enjoy a savoury meal sat amongst majestic caverns. We also cater to parties up to 100 people for a variety of occasions including weddings.

So relax and slip away into the Cypriot pace of life, while enjoying the unforgettable flavours of Spilies Tavern Bar.