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Colosseum has a True Italian feel as soon as you walk in. Marble status adorns the terrace as you walk through the Jasmine to the terrace. The outdoor sitting area is full of flowers and makes you feel you are in a garden in Tuscany. The ambience starts here and continues into the restaurant as you notice the paintings, a grand piano dominates the front, which is used for special Music Night every Saturdays.

Colosseum create very strong reputation as a really Value for money restaurant that’s why regular Loyal customers visit it every week and having the 3 course meal with fine dining options only for 12.99. The restaurant is also famous for the Best Steaks in Cyprus.

In 2001 a dream came true for our Chef Nicos with the opening of the Colosseum Restaurant. Having travelled extensively through many countries, spending years educating himself in both Italian a French cuisine and savoring the many culinary delights, he felt ready to create his own dream. The only thing that didn’t change in the 25 years of culinary career is the same passion and love he feels when he is creating something in the Kitchen…

Nicos has travelled to the most influential countries of culinary excellence and his menu certainly reflects this. There are very few Restaurants where the owner is the Chef and this is always impressive as the cuisine is made with true passion. Nicos speak to his dinners and welcomes feedback he create also his famous cooking classes that he teach some of his secrets to his quest and also invites other Chef from different cuisines. Nicos is always happy to explain the cuts of the meats he uses and will answer any question about food and wine.